Robot-Assisted Surgery — Blending Human Experience With Advanced Technolo

Robot-Assisted Surgery — Blending Human Experience With Advanced Technolo: Chris Boone, MD: Orthopedic Surgeon

Does the thought of robotic surgery make you nervous? It shouldn’t. Although robotic-assisted surgery might sound like it removes the element of compassionate human touch, the truth is that this medical advancement combines the best of both worlds.

Robotic-assisted surgery brings unparalleled precision to the operating room. Specialized equipment and unique customizable options allow your surgeon to make decisions during surgery to give you the best possible outcomes.

Chris Boone, MD, and our orthopedic surgery team proudly bring the latest in robot-assisted surgery to our patients. From exploratory arthroscopy to advanced hip and knee replacement, robot-assisted technology is an asset for a wide range of orthopedic procedures.

If you’re considering orthopedic surgery for your joint pain, it’s time to learn more about blending robotic precision and human experience with our next-level robot-assisted surgical systems.

Stryker Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology

The Stryker Mako system utilizes a freestanding robotic arm to assist Dr. Boone in hip and knee surgeries. Using CT scanning technology, the system creates a 3D model of your joint, which helps Dr. Boone create a personalized surgical plan for you.

The 3D model gives our surgical team more insight into your unique anatomy to plan your surgery. Once the operation is in progress, robotic technology guides Dr. Boone so that only damaged tissue is removed, and you keep as much healthy bone as possible.

Smith & Nephew NAVIO™ Surgical System

The Smith & Nephew NAVIO system harnesses the power of robotic technology in a handheld device. With NAVIO, there’s no need for preoperative CT scans. The device relays real-time images with specialized software to give Dr. Boone the information he needs to perform his surgery.

NAVIO technology offers powerful precision for partial and total knee replacement surgeries, including ligament-sparing procedures. Using the handheld device, Dr. Boone can remove damaged tissue, place the prosthesis, and ensure it’s balanced and properly adjusted for the best possible outcome.

OrthAlign® Surgical System

The OrthAlign system combines surgical expertise with robotic technology in a flexible way. With OrthAlign, Dr. Boone receives real-time robotic feedback for hip and knee replacements.

He uses feedback and digital imaging to obtain precise measurements within your joint. He removes only damaged tissue, leaves healthy tissue intact, and accurately fits your prosthesis.

With top-tier surgical technology at our fingertips, you can be confident when choosing Dr. Boone for your orthopedic surgery. We choose the best possible surgical system for each procedure, taking your medical needs and goals into account.

Robotic-assisted surgery brings an increased level of precision to your surgeon’s already-capable hands. The technology allows Dr. Boone to even more accurately gauge the precise location, depth, and extent of damaged tissue for extremely accurate treatment and joint replacement.

Is robot-assisted surgery right for you? Find out more by scheduling a consultation. Call the office location nearest you, book online, or send Dr. Boone a message today.

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