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Benefits of Arthroscopy: Chris Boone, MD: Orthopedic Surgeon

Are you experiencing pain, weakness or tenderness in your joints? Whether you’ve suffered an injury or suffer from a degenerative disease, seeing an orthopedic surgeon Mercer Island trusts for the best care. Chris Boone, MD is exactly that. Dr. Boone is an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in hip replacement surgery and robotic knee. Our clinic provides a wide range of treatments for knee and hip related the ailments including hip dysplasia, femoroacetabular and hip labral tears. Our clinic makes use of the latest and best minimally invasive technology to ensure the best results. Contact us now to book an appointment and start your journey to healing.

If you’re seeking an orthopedic surgery Mercer Island clinic where all your needs will be met under one roof, look no further than Chris Boone, MD. We offer a wide range of services to address many conditions affective the musculoskeletal system. These include:

Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common ailments that Mercer Island orthopedic surgeons are confronted with. Dr. Boone provides patients with a combination of therapies for the best results. He starts out with conservative treatments such as physical therapy prior to progressing into more aggressive treatments such as knee surgery to give your body the best chance at healing itself.

Knee Replacement

There are instances when knee pain or stiffness becomes so uncomfortable that they interfere with everyday activities such as walking or climbing stairs. Dr. Boone offers robotic knee orthopedic surgery Mercer Island residents trust for accuracy and the best outcomes. You can begin to enjoy a pain-free life once again.

Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common ailment Mercer Island orthopedic surgeons encounter. Dr. Boone offers a variety of therapies to help patients overcome hip pain. His therapies are focused on preserving the hop while maintaining health.

Hip Replacement

Are you experiencing stiffness or pain in the hips? If this pain or stiffness has advanced to the point where it interferes with day to day activities, you may be a good candidate for hip replacement surgery. Dr. Boone offer minimally invasive hip replacement surgery supported by robotic technology for greater efficiency and precision.

Hip Resurfacing

Dr. Boone offers hip resurfacing surgery as an alternative to hip replacement. With hip resurfacing, you can overcome pain and stiffness in the hips and therefore enjoy a more active lifestyle.


Make an appointment with us for a session with an orthopedic surgeon Mercer Island residents trust for the best solutions to osteoarthritis including injection therapy as well as minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery.


Take advantage of our minimally invasive surgical techniques to overcome pain and improve mobility. Our therapy will relieve symptoms that interfere with your performance.

Patient Info

Contact us now to schedule an appointment for a session with Dr. Boone. We strive to provide cost effective treatments to ensure that the residents of Mercer Island can access the therapies they need. Contact us now to learn more.

Living in Mercer Island

Are you considering moving to Mercer Island? Mercer Island is considered one of the best placed to live in Washington. Conveniently located only a few minutes’ drive from Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland, the residents of Mercer Island can enjoy the amenities of the bigger cities while taking advantage of that small community that the town offers.

Mercer Island offers the perfect environment in which to raise a family. With a low crime rate, it is considered much safer than other surrounding towns and cities. Mercer Island also boasts of an excellent education system. Many of the public schools in the town are amongst the top rated schools in the State. In fact, the school district has an A+ rating for academics. Moving to Mercer Island is a great way to guarantee that your child will receive the high quality education.

While Mercer Island has a relatively high cost of living, residents appreciate the high standard of living it offers in exchange. The community is small and close knit. Residents of Mercer Island are passionate about their community and are often involved in volunteer programs to keep Mercer Island clean, safe and active. You can be sure you’ll have the support of your community when living in this small town.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just want to spend some time in nature every now and then, you won’t be disappointed with Mercer Island. There are lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation ranging from sunbathing at Luther Burbank Beach to taking a hike to explore the trails of Pioneer Park.

Do you have an inclination for the arts? Mercer Island is the perfect place to be. From the Sunset Highway outdoor sculpture gallery to the annual summer festival, you will find that there’s a lot to inspire your creative side.

Mercer Island has a lot to offer. You should ensure that you’re in your best health in order to enjoy this town’s many amenities. Contact Christopher Boone, MD and schedule an appoint with an orthopedic surgeon Mercer Island trusts for the best care. We’d be happy to provide you with any services to meet your health needs.


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